aNew Hemp CBD Products

It’s aNew Day For Hemp!

aNew Hemp CBD logoaNew Hemp products reflect the revival of hemp, meaning the beginning of another dawn in cannabis based nourishment and prosperity. aNew cuts the way to bringing back the insight of Mother Nature, through aNew, with all-natural, non-GMO, practical nutrition for both people and pets alike.

Formulated by exemplary hands that have been the trusted guardian of exclusive botanical knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. Known as Boyak(tm) Royal Proprietary Herbal Blends, which were once accessible solely to East Asian eminence, these one-of-a-kind natural blends are joined together with hemp derived CBD oil to develop unrivaled products, and will soon be accessible for purchase here at

Presenting aNew CBD Products:

Introducing the aNew line of Organic Hemp based products, brought to you by The highest quality hemp protein contains Astrazyme™, an enzyme blend added for optimized absorption. Perfect for shakes and smoothies, aNew raw shelled hemp seeds are organic and naturally high in healthy fats. Sprinkle on salads, mix into shakes, smoothies, yogurt, and more. Start your day with or enjoy a tasty snack of the aNew hemp granola in Strawberry Crunch, an offering of hemp powered nutrition the whole family will enjoy.

aNew Hemp Oils are rich in “super” omega fatty acids like SDA and GLA, and are enhanced with natural hemp-sourced Cannabidiol (CBD). This balanced nutritional profile brings the latest phytonutrient research into harmony with the wisdom of Mother Nature. Can be taken by itself, added to smoothies, or drizzled on salads and vegetables.

aNew Whole Food Bars : Today’s fast paced lifestyles require flexibility without sacrificing your health. Whether you are on the go through most of the day, or simply need a healthy snack, the aNew hemp bars will surely satisfy. Made with the highest quality, non-gmo ingredients, aNew bars are a great addition to any lifestyle. Available in two flavors: Chocolate Crunch and Chocolate Strawberry, with more great flavors on the way!

Presenting aNew Hemp – CBD Pet Nutrition:

aNew Hemp Oil for Pets: Treat your furry friend right with this all natural “super” omega hemp oil for pets! Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are as important for your pets as they are for you. This naturally balanced blend of hemp seed oil and raw CBD hemp stalk oil is loaded with omega-3’s, -6’s,  and -9’s, like DHA and EPA. What makes hemp oil so unique is that among the EFAs to be naturally occurring are the difficult to obtain SDA and GLA, which are vitally important for everyone you love; whether they walk on two legs, or four. This vegan friendly oil is easy for both dogs and cats to digest, and is perfect for all family pets that would benefit from EPA supplementation.

aNew Product Features

  • Combining the most recent phytonutrient research with the intelligence of Mother Nature
  • Premium RAW CBD-rich hemp oil & organic hemp seed oil
  • Flawlessly balanced omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats together with RAW CBD-hemp oil
  • Premium probiotic and digestive enzyme formulas with CBD-rich hemp oil
  • Non-GMO and sustainably grown
  • NO artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, fillers, corn, gluten, wheat, yeast and is sugar-free

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