Elixinol CBD Products

Elixinol™ is a hemp oil extract produced from non-psychoactive Industrial Hemp plants that have been cultivated to naturally producer higher levels of CBD – Cannabidiol. Elixinol’s Hemp is organically grown in ideal micro-climates in Northern Europe, which helps create a product of the greatest purity.

Elixinol is a whole plant extract made from real Hemp, not synthetic, not an isolate, and nothing added. It contains all the synergistic Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavinoids, and other effective compounds found in the original plant.

Why Elixinol?

There are a variety of items that elevate Elixinol™ to be the #1 choice for CBD Oil. If the competitive pricing is not enough, consider the following when deciding which product you will trust for your family.

PREMIER GENETICS, GROWN THE IDEAL WAY, IN THE BEST MICRO-CLIMATES. CBD may appear new, but it’s been known by modern science since the 1940’s. Perfecting the craft of growing Industrial Hemp has been at the forefront of our farmer’s family for going on 300 years: passed on from generation to generation over the centuries. To consistently produce the most nutrient-packed, most synergistic combination of cannabinoids, the plants are organically grown at an optimum latitude, in precisely selected regions of Northern Europe, AND we select only the finest plants from each crop for extraction by hand.

Hemp CBD Oil Super Critical Fluid Extraction SFETHE CLEANEST EXTRACTS Some techniques for extracting Hemp use high heat, moisture, and/or toxic solvents, which have shown to be extremely dangerous, environmentally unfriendly, cannot/will not extract the full array of nutrients from the hemp, and cannot always be fully or properly purged from the end product, which is not clean nor pure. Instead, we use Super Critical Fluid Extraction; a safe, sustainable and superior method of extraction. Using state-of-the-art production facility, harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is compressed up to 10,000psi (300 times than a standard car tire’s pressure). At these extremes, carbon dioxide becomes ‘super critical,’ simultaneously possessing properties of a liquid and a gas. The gas is extremely cold, so as not to damage any heat-sensitive nutrients, like enzymes or phytonutrients. This highly pressurized gas is the ideal non-toxic solvent.

When run through our nutrient-rich Hemp, it wholly extracts the full spectrum treasure of phytonutrients hidden within. The CO2 is purged, and then recycled, leaving a highly concentrated, totally pure extract.

FULL SPECTRUM CANNABINOIDS One of the most popular methods used to extract Hemp Oils is alcohol extraction. It is popular because it is cheap and easy, not because it is the best. Not only is Elixinol’s CO2 extraction method far superior at extracting the full spectrum of nutrients, it is performed at freezing temperatures. The Alcohol extraction used by some of our competitors requires the Hemp/Alcohol mixture to be distilled at high heat for extended periods of time. The heat from this method not only can damage sensitive nutrients, it can evaporate some of the very compounds that are the most important! What one end’s up with is damaged goods that are probably lacking some components required for proper synergy.

Elixinol does not contain any synthetic Cannabinoids and is not an isolate. It contains everything that is naturally occurring in the original plant. With Elixinol’s premium oils, you benefit from our uncompromising safety, as well as the synergistic interaction of phytonutrients in their complete, balanced form that many scientists believe offers the most benefit.


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