Medterra Dropship Program

Medterra Dropship Program

As many of you may have heard and already have experienced, we recently started to carry the MedTerra CBD brand of products. We had been wanting to carry their line up for quite a while, and we are so excited that you are now able to buy Medterra products for your store through our wholesale and dropship platforms.

If you had already tried to get a hold of Medterra, you will also have found that they are no longer providing their vendors with drop shipping options. This is where we are able to help!

About The Medterra Dropship Program

Using our set up is super simple, and we have automated much of the process on our end to help reduce errors in shipping.

The first thing you will need to do is to apply for a dropship or wholesale account if you don’t have one already by visiting this link here. After you fill out the form, one of our representatives will work with you to get your account set up properly. We have no minimum order for dropship accounts, and a minimum order of $1000 to order bulk products for your site.

Once your account is set to the appropriate level, you will easily be able to log into our site any time and place your order. For your drop ship, simply use your info for the billing, and the customer’s info for the shipping. One thing that is important to note is that you should let us know what address information you would like for your return label. This way, when you order, we will have our automation set up so that the package will appear to arrive from your store!

For wholesale customers, set your cart up past that $1000 mark, and you will be able to check out at the full discount. We even have the store in catalog/list form for quicker ordering.

Your Customers Are Yours

We do not place any of our marketing materials into your orders, as other drop ship companies have been known to do, nor do we market to your customer at any point after the fact. That account is yours to foster, and we are here solely to act as your fulfillment.

Also of importance, Medterra is no longer selling their isolate in powder form. We do not know why, however, if this is to change, we will surely let you know!

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.