CBDHempIndica Compressed CBD Isolate Tablets

-Precisely Measured
-Easy to Use
-99.6+% Pure

CBDHempIndica Compressed CBD Isolate Tablets

Product Description

CBDHempIndica Compressed CBD Isolate Tablets are made from an incredibly powerful and pure CBD extract. 99.6+% purity!

Pharmaceutical grade anhydrous hemp CBD extract from Colorado grown hemp flowers are pressed into these tablets to create an ideal companion to any intensive CBD regimen.

Incredibly versatile, these compressed CBD tabs can be taken in may different methods! Each person has their own preference in how they would like to take their CBD, and one’s preferred method may not be compatible with another’s method, and that is the beauty about these CBD tabs. You can take them how you like!!!

Add a tab to some olive oil and lemon juice, and a tasty yet simple salad dressing is now an option. Heat up a dab nail or load into a concentrates Vape Pen and drop a CBD tablet for a precisely measured vape hit. Drop it under your tongue for a no-hassle way to eat your tab.

Support your immune system during times of stress or pain simply by adding this compressed CBD isolate tablet to your daily routine.

Additional Information

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40% CBD, 75% CBD, 81% CBD, 83% CBD/CBN


Natural, Blue Dream, Durban Sour, Green Cush, Pineapple Express, Blue Cheddar, Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Orange Cookies, Strawnana, Super Lemon Haze, White Fire OG, White Widow

Hemp CBD Isolate

Place 1 tablet under the tongue, or on heating element of vape pen, and enjoy!



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