FX CBD Vape Oil


FX CBD Vape Oil in an All Natural Vegetable Glycerin is Highly Concentrated and Powered By Terpenes!

  • Chill – An effect of a quiet mind and eased body*
  • Concentration – An effect of heightened mental concentration*
  • Imagine – An effect of creative and free mental ability*
  • Remedy – An effect of eased physical pain and inflammation*
  • The Sandman – An effect of quieting the mind and body to prepare for sleep*
  • Touch – An effect of calming the mind and body to allow for physical closeness*
  • Natural – No added terpenes for all natural flavor

**No Longer Manufactured**


FX CBD Vape Oil is manufactured by Highland Pharms.  They also have their own line of exceptionally high grade CBD Hemp Oil products.  While working with Highland Pharms customers, we identified a particular customer who wants a Highly Concentrated CBD Vape Oil that is of the Highest Quality.  We already had THE highest grade CBD Hemp Oil Extract which we get from a boutique hemp farm near Colorado Springs, CO.

Since we already knew how to make an All Natural Vape Oil without using HARMFUL propylene glycol.  Rather than just making a super concentrated form of our regular vape oil, we knew we had to make it incredibly special.  We talked with a lot of customers and did a lot of research and came up with the answer:  In addition to making our Premium CBD Vape Oil line 3+ times more concentrated than our original, we needed to infuse this new line with Terpenes.  By working with individual and blended mixes of terpenes, we could create targeted effects for our customers.

We began immediately identifying which terpenes and terpene blends we wanted to use to help our customers.  We already knew what CBD would do for many people.  Now, we needed to “Amp Up” our effects for our customers.  We have identified particular terpenes and terpene blends that achieve the following effects:

Chill- powered by Linalool
Concentration- powered by Limonene and Pinene
Imagine- powered by Linalool and Pinene
Natural- powered by Nature
Remedy- powered by beta-Caryophyllene, Pinene, and beta-Myrcene
Sandman- powered by Linalool and Myrcene
Touch- powered by beta-Caryophyllene and Linalool

The combination of CBD rich hemp oil and all natural terpenes provides for our customers what is called the Entourage Effect, meaning the sum of the parts is greater than parts on their own. 2 + 2 really can equal 5!

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