Highland Pharms CBD Drops

Highland Pharms CBD Drops are made from Boutique, Colorado Grown, Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp, and contains 250mg – 1250mg CBD per bottle.

Highland Pharms CBD Drops

Product Description

Highland Pharms CBD Drops utilizes Colorado grown, whole plant extract (includes CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBD, CBDA) and naturally occurring near-zero THC content so there is no ‘high’ or grogginess.

Full spectrum of cannabinoids work synergistically together to provide a more complete approach to your health and well being.

We are also VERY PROUD to point out that our CBD Oil Drops use only extract from hemp grown by a Boutique Hemp Farm in Colorado and they only grow Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp. Most other brands use CBD extract from Industrial Hemp that is grown somewhere overseas. The Highland Pharms CBD Drops are the Best of the Best!

Highland Pharms CBD Drops Highlights:

Colorado Grown Hemp…..Not Overseas
Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp…..Not Industrial Grade
MCT Oil Base in 1:1 Ratio for Better, Smoother Taste
All Natural
250mg – 1250mg CBD….plus CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, Terpenes, Phytonutrients and More
Grown and Made in the U.S.A.
They have created this formula containing 250mg to 1250mg of CBD in a once ounce bottle. The serving size posted on the bottle shows 10 drops. Note: this 1 ounce bottle will have 25 ml of liquid, making the bottle look slightly less than full. This is intentional and all bottles still have a minimum of 250mg of CBD.

Some people prefer as little as 1-2mg of CBD per serving and some prefer 20+ depending on their situation. For those seeking higher concentrations, the CBD MAX 1250 in delicious Mint, Strawberry, or Natural flavors should be considered as it provides the highest amount of CBD at a lower price per milligram.

Their CBD Hemp Oil Drops do have some of the natural taste. Other brands deliver a lower quality CBD that may taste good, but is not as effective. Because of the exceptionally rich CBD Extract we use, including the full spectrum of cannabinoids, our formula can have a slightly “hempy” taste. After only a few servings one will become accustomed to the newly pleasant taste.

Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops are available in either “Natural” or “Strawberry” or “Mint” flavor. Highland Pharms is so committed to all our products being fresh, pure and clean that even our Strawberry Flavoring and our Mint Flavoring is all natural!

All of our cannabidiol (CBD) extract is extracted from GMO-FREE Hemp which has been organically grown. We do not heat our extract during processing beyond the safe point so as not to cause any damage to it. It takes a little more work, but we believe in delivering only the Highest Quality, Best CBD Hemp Oil products for our customers.

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

40% CBD, 75% CBD, 81% CBD, 83% CBD/CBN


Natural, Blue Dream, Durban Sour, Green Cush, Pineapple Express, Blue Cheddar, Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Orange Cookies, Strawnana, Super Lemon Haze, White Fire OG, White Widow

MCT Oil, CBD rich hemp oil, natural flavoring

Take 10-15 drops, once or twice daily



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