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Direct from the Himalayan Mountains, Blooming Lotus Herbs brings this Pure Authentic Shilajit Resin. Not extracted powder or synthetic. Only the most pure!

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Authentic Himalayan Shilajit Resin from the Nepal – Indian border region of the Himalayan Mountains.  There are 100 – 100mg servings in this container, or 10 grams.  It is recommended to take 2 – 100mg servings per day.  Many find that they prefer to dissolve the resin in a hot tea. However, virtually any warm beverage will do. Even water.

You may also dissolve the powerful resin directly under your tongue. The taste is much like thick, heavy, and sweet charcoal.

For best results, take a rice to pea grain size, about 1/10th of a gram, twice per day for a minimum of 10 days before judging the effects it is having on you.

What This Is

Pure Shilajit Resin

What This Isn’t

Powdered Extract Shilajit made from dried Resin
Synthetic Shilajit

There IS a Difference!

Where Is This ‘Rock Blood’ Found?

So, as the story goes, thousands of years ago, indigenous people of the Himalayan Mountains noticed the local monkeys climbing altitudes of well over 15,000 feet into the mountains.  The local people would watch as the monkeys returned, no more fatigued than when they left.  The monkeys returned in a playful mood, even after having climbed strenuous heights into very oxygen-thin air.  One day, the local people decided to follow the monkeys up and see what they were doing climbing up there each day.  The local people were surprised to see the monkeys scraping a black tar-like resin out of the cracks of the mountain sides and eating it.  Curious, the locals tried the resin, too, and quickly realized the monkeys had stumbled onto something quite amazing!

The black tar-like resin they had found is now called Shilajit by the local people.  And, sherpas in the area load up on it before hiking high into the altitudes.

How Is This Resin Made?

Shilajit is a plant compound formed from bio-mass being squeezed between the Asian and Indian continents.  As the biomass is compacted, it forms a resin of 85+ minerals and trace elements and is literally squeezed out between the mountain crevices.  Also in this resin is fulvic acid, which is known to help deliver minerals and nutrition to the body’s cells.  The fulvic acid acts as a catalyst-delivery system for these minerals once somebody ingests this mineral rich resin.

In India, Shilajit is known as THE DESTROYER OF WEAKNESS as it’s other primary component are DBP’s (dibenzo alpha pyrones), which has been called the “Energizer Bunny Component”.  Due to the DBP’s, Shilajit supports deep rejuvenation and energy production.  In one particular study, participants took just 200mg of Shilajit each day for 15 days and the available energy in the blood AFTER vigorous exercise was equivalent to the levels of available energy BEFORE starting exercise.  Those participants could just “keep going and going…..”.

Other recent studies show that Shilajit delivers energy and nutrients to the cell at astonishing levels.  In one study, mice underwent vigorous exercise and had their energy expenditure measured both with and without Shilajit.  The energy depleted twice as fast in the group that did not take Shilajit! So, now, literally for well over 5,000 years Tibetans, Nepalese and Indians have been climbing high into the Himalayas to get this resin, not only for the energy it provides, but for many other well known benefits.


For thousands of years, Shilajit has been used to improve:

  • Energy Levels
  • Memory and Brain Activity
  • Mood
  • Absorption of Nutrients
  • Potency and Efficacy of Other Nturients
  • Intelligence
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Detoxification of Blood and Body
  • Oxygenation and the Body’s Natural Antioxidant Response

Shilajit slows down the aging process by keeping calcium in bones, making them stronger and last longer.
It also:
~  Serves as a natural antioxidant
~  Works wonders for improving male sexual performance and drive
~  Is beneficial for those suffering from:

  • Diabetes
  • Stress
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Genitourinary Disorders
  • Jaundice
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Nervous Disorders
  • Anemia
  • Bronchitis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Kidney Stones
  • Edema
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid Disfunction
  • And, MUCH MORE


The owner of Blooming Lotus Herbs has traveled to the Himalayan Mountains and sourced the pure Shilajit resin in this product.  He works with the local people and helps care for them.  There is NO PURER SOURCE OF SHILAJIT AVAILABLE!


Recently, there has been negative press about Shilajit.  Unfortunately, the writer of the report did not specify the quality of the Shilajit that was being reported on.  So, we have a representative from Lotus Blooming Herbs reply to the report for us.  Their reply is below and we have posted their latest test results in the “PRODUCT PICS” section at the top of this page for you to review.

Please be advised that the “Shilajit” written about in Natural News was a powdered version made from dirt and not genuine resin shilajit. We have warned people about these shilajit powders for years on our website. These powders are were banned in Canada a long time ago and are not even made out of real shilajit which is a water soluble resin. Our genuine and authentic shilajit is a resin that is plant based and not made from rocks and dirt. It is found within rock but is carefully purified so that no sediment or rock remains. The natural News article is not correct in grouping in all products labeled “shilajit” as the same thing.

We test our shilajit to California Prop 65 standards which are the strictest limits in the world for heavy metals. Far stricter than Federal limits. To put this in perspective, fruits and vegetables are exempt from California Prop 65 because they cannot possibly pass. Attached are our most recent tests for our current batch done at a USFDA registered, cGMP certified, independent third party laboratory. The lab test shows “specifications” that are California Prop 65 limits and the “results” are our shilajit.

According to the Natural News rating system for safety, our Shilajit would get an “A Rating”.

These levels are not only safe, they are far below the levels in the vegetables you eat on a daily basis.

You can rest assured that our shilajit is very safe and effective.

May you be happy and healthy,

-Lotus Blooming Herbs

*No information on this page is intended to diagnose or treat any health condition.  Please see your health care practitioner with any questions on how it may affect you.

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