Smokiez Edibles CBD Gummiez


-25mg CBD per Piece, 20 pieces – 500mg CBD!
-All Natural Ingredients
-Made From CBD Distillate For Best Taste And Effect!
-Crafted By Hand – Infused, Not Sprayed

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Each and every batch of Smokiez Edibles CBD Gummiez is crafted by hand using solely the best quality ingredients. A proprietary formulation made from ultra high clarity hemp extracts known as a CBD distillate creates a much better tasting CBD edible than using a crude CBD oil. Due to their inability to stray from ‘quality-over-quantity’, you will find you asking yourself, “How are these CBD gummies SO GOOD?!”

These delicious edibles are made with only plant based ingredients, making them vegan friendly. There is no gelatin used in these gummies! They are also made with non-GMO ingredients and produced without the use of high fructose corn syrup. Artificial flavors and colors are not used, making this an all natural product!

You will receive two pouches of Smokiez Edibles CBD Gummiez with your order, totaling 20 gummies.

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