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The term ‘Concentrate’ has developed into a much more of an ambiguous word in the hemp and cannabis industry in recent years. ‘Concentrates’ could refer to virtually any method to separate the essential oils of a plant from the plant’s fibers, concentrating the plant compounds into a product into a much more versatile and enjoyable form, and that’s changing attitudes toward cannabis everywhere. The future of cannabis is steering toward these increasingly robust and concentrated forms, especially as the great potential of alternative ingestion methods is realized by the public.

We are dedicated to bring to you the latest in CBD Rich Hemp Oil product technologies, and on this page you will find the most exciting products available when it comes to CBD concentrates.

What is a CBD Wax?

The increasing popularity of cannabis oil naturally leads to an increase in the number of questions from those who are learning about ‘dabbing’ for the first time. The first of which, of course, is “What is CBD wax?” In layman’s terms,  a ‘wax’ is a small amount of a concentrated cannabis extract that has a waxy appearance and texture. Almost used interchangeably, ‘cbd dabs’ are a hot topic on our website.

“Taking a dab” refers to the process of touching, or “dabbing”, this small amount of extract against a heat source, like a wax/concentrate based vaporizer, in order to vaporize the extract. The phrase, “a dab will do ya’,” would be very appropriate when thinking of the high quality hemp extracts found below.

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