Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Vaporizers and CBD Drops

Tasty Hemp CBD Vaporizer Oil and Drops


There’s a new CBD vape oil on the scene, and boy is it Tasty!


Tasty Hemp Oil - Bud-E Touch Pen Set

Tasty Hemp Oil™ CBD Vaporizer Starter Kit

The Tasty Hemp Oil™ Starter Kit has everything you need to start vaping our ^CBD-rich hemp oil:

    • 1- Bud Touch e-pen
    • 1- Empty cartridge
    • 1- USB charger
    • 2- Refill bottles
    • 2- 5ml bottles (in 10ml bottles so there is room to shake) in your choice of 8 tasty Flavors

Our oil cartridges are 510 battery compatible. We cannot guarantee their functionality with any other electronic vaporizer pen.

The Bud Touch e-pen is also available without the vape oil.

Tasty Hemp CBD Vape Oil 8 pack Sampler

Tasty Hemp Oil™  CBD vape oil.

Vape Bottles The bottle tips have been scaled down for easier re-filling of smaller tanks, eliminating the need for funnels. 10ml vape oil with 100mg CBD Flavors New flavors have recently been added, so take a look at the master list below! We hope you enjoy a better vaping experience!

Available individually and  sample packs in these 7 incredible flavors:

  • 7 Citrus Blend
  • Apple Pie
  • Black and Blue (blackberry & blueberry)
  • Island Joy
  • Just Peachy
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry Dream

Tasty CBD Drops

Tasty Hemp Oil™  CBD Tincture.

Tasty Drops™ hemp oil dietary supplements were created because people wanted a good tasting all natural CBD tincture. Though not technically a tincture, as it is made with glycerin instead of alcohol, these are wonderfully amazing CBD Drops. We have perfected the blend to give you a tasty way to take your hemp oil. We use all natural organic oils as our base, and blend it with quality lab tested hemp oil, to ensure proper supplement content. We have six natural flavors for you to choose from: berry*, Canadian maple, chocolate*, chocolate mint, vanilla*, and cinnamon*. There are no artificial flavors used in Tasty Drops™.

Available in these 6 deliciously Tasty flavors:

  • Berry*
  • Canadian Maple
  • Chocolate*
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Cinnamon*
  • Unflavored*
  • Vanilla*
  • * denotes discontinued flavor


100 mg CBD/0.5 fl oz | 250 mg CBD/1 fl oz


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