Colorado Springs’ Memorial Hospital To Allow CBD Oil In Children’s Ward

This morning, Memorial Hospital announced its new policy regarding allowing parents to continue the treatment their children with cannabidiol oil, like the CBD Hemp Oils that we sell on our site, while under the organization’s care.

As the Gazette writes, “The issue arose after Memorial Hospital took over all pediatric operations from Children’s Hospital Colorado … [It] had often allowed parents to administer the oils in its ward at Memorial Hospital Central … But Memorial Hospital had no such policy …”

It does now, as iterated in an email from parent company University of Colorado Health to the Independent:

Memorial Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado are working together to provide the very best and safest care for all children who come to Memorial.

Memorial Hospital has approved a new policy to allow parents who currently administer CBD oil to a child suffering from seizures to continue administering the oil while that child is admitted at the hospital and under the care of a pediatric neurologist. Parents must understand that there are risks involved with giving patients CBD oil and must sign a release in order to continue this therapy while in the hospital. Nurses and physicians will not administer it themselves. Memorial Hospital may reevaluate this policy as circumstances and clinical research develop.

Memorial Hospital believes additional research is critically important to determine the benefits and potential side effects of cannabinoid oil. We will continue working with Children’s Hospital Colorado to monitor any research on the safety and efficacy of the oil and will assess our policies accordingly.

Memorial Hospital’s health care providers will continue to offer the very best care to all patients.

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