Zika Virus Outbreak – What You Need To Know

The Zika Virus scare has been imprinted on the short-term memory of the minds of the majority of Americans via media saturation. With over 20 countries reporting infections, and the first case in the US having been confirmed in LA County by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health with a young girl infected with the mosquito-spread disease arriving there from El Salvador, the war drums are beating to defeat the latest potential pandemic.

The little girl from El Salvador has since recovered from her infection, though it is not the older children nor the adults that are most at risk in regards to this disease. Those who are susceptible to the worst of the scourge are those who are unborn.

You see, this Zika virus has been, according to the news, linked to microcephaly. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Microcephaly (my-kroh-SEF-uh-lee) is a rare neurological condition in which an infant’s head is significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age and sex. Sometimes detected at birth, microcephaly usually is the result of the brain developing abnormally in the womb or not growing as it should after birth.”

The hysteria has gone so far as having several governments, like El Salvador, warning women NOT to get pregnant util more is known about the virus for up to two years.

As award winning investigative journalist Jon Rappoport explains:

Before a virus can be said to cause disease, a few procedures need to occur. First, the virus must be proved to exist. It has to be isolated from a human carrier as diseased tissue, and then that tissue has to be put under an electron microscope, where many, many (Zika) viruses can be seen. Second, tests have to be run on many suspected human cases, and these tests have to reveal very large amounts of Zika in the body. That’s your basic starter kit for deciding that a virus might be causing actual human disease.

However, based upon literature that is readily available, we have not been able to find any reports of diseased tissue being removed from a human, nor are there any electron microscopic analyses of the infected tissues. Not having tissue to analyze would certainly make it difficult to put that tissue under the microscope, wouldn’t you say?

And without proper analysis, how can one ascertain that these folks are actually sick from the Zika Virus?

Zika Virus Scam

Like nearly everything that receives ANY blanketed attention from the major news networks (90% of traditional news media are owned by 6 corporations according to Business Insider in 2012), many grains of salt must be taken with that spoonful of info.

Microcephaly Reported Cases chart Brazli 2010-2014

The Zika Virus has been known for many decades, dating back to the late 1940’s. And this year, for some unknown reason, what had previously only caused mild illness (nausea, headaches) at best is now producing heinous damage. This fact is the rim of the rabbit hole of the deception we are being led to believe. Another strange fact is that most of the babies being born with microcephaly and their mothers are NOT testing positive for the Zika Virus, if a test is even being performed.

What Is Causing These Birth Defects

Looking at the geographic locations of these statistical anomalies, one can ascertain that the majority of cases are being reported in Brazil.

A) Pesticides

Brazil: home to the upcoming Olympics, beautiful beaches, and the Amazon. Brazil is also at the center of the vast majority of the cases of microcephaly. Another interesting fact about Brazil: the country uses more pesticides than any other nation in the world. And according to a study in July of 2011 from Environmental Health Perspectives“The presence versus absence of quantifiable levels of [the pesticide] atrazine or a specific atrazine metabolite was associated with fetal growth restriction… and small head circumference… Head circumference was also inversely associated with the presence of the herbicide metolachlor. (emphasis added).

Atrazine and metolachlor are both widely used in Brazil.

B) Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In Brazil

The reason given for genetically modifying the world’s deadliest insect was to help make it less lethal. This particular bug was ‘optimized’ to ‘combat’ dengue fever. Needless to say, without extensive lab testing, there is no way to know what these organisms are actually harboring in addition to what the bug’s designers claim.

Follow The Money

So who benefits from this Zika pseudo-science? Well, it appears that Big Pharma and Biotech companies are poised to reap billions from these outbreaks. The main culprit we have found is called Oxitec. This is the company who was responsible for the release of the GE mosquitoes in Brazil, and they have been delayed in the release of these bugs into the Florida Keys. After all, the only thing we need to do is create another mosquito to not pass the Zika virus around and everything will be fine.

According to the Rio Times

The use of pesticides in Brazil grew by more than 162 percent from 2000 to 2012, according to the latest report by the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (ABRASCO), making the country the number one consumer of pesticides in the world. According to the entity, the Brazilian agriculture sector purchased more than 823,000 tons of pesticides in 2012.

The ABRASCO report, titled ‘An Alert of the Impacts of Pesticides on Health’, was released last week in Rio de Janeiro. The report includes scientific studies including data from the National Cancer Institute that shows a direct link between the use of pesticides and health problems.

Tons upon tons upon tons of various pesticides and other poisonous chemicals are applied annually in Brazil. So let’s just forget that. It’s all caused by a virus.

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